Public Engagement Period

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The public engagement period is open from June 2nd until June 26th.

Will County is considering several corridors that provide an east-west connection through the Study Area. This public engagement period will focus on the proposed build alternatives and the projected natural environment and community impacts they could create. Each of these alternatives meet the project’s Purpose and Need Statement. The alternatives can be viewed in more detail below.

The intent of the study is to move initial findings into more detailed studies over the next 2-3 years to identify an alternative or option to alleviate truck traffic congestion and improve mobility and safety in eastern Will County.

Your feedback will be used to identify and define the alternatives considered for the study, ensure the project team has incorporated the concerns voiced in the previous surveys and comment opportunities, allow for further input to determine why this project is or is not needed, and solicit feedback on potential corridors for an east-west connection within the study area. Consider sharing your feedback with the project team by participating in the survey below.

Visit the survey below to share your thoughts with the project team.

Survey Resources

Alternatives for Consideration

Zoomed in map

Environmental Resources Map

Map of Easter Will County